Tuesday, March 9, 2010

There are 3 major reasons that set up 98% of all the fat loss diet programs for failure. This article will help you identify each of them and understand the 3 major reasons better.

1) Times have changed, but our bodies have remained the same; this is the first reason why 98% of fat loss diet programs fail.

In the early days, humans were hunters and gatherers, and our bodies still function as though we don’t have reliable food sources. This was a time before we had drive-thrus for a quick bite on the way home from work and fully stocked refrigerators just 10 feet away. In fact, our ancestors had to work very hard to find food; the alternative was not eating at all. Sometimes, they were forced to go without substantial nutrition for a period of time.

So, for them to survive, their bodies had to figure out a way to make it through such times of scarcity. Their bodies adapted by slowing down their metabolisms and storing calories as fat when there was enough food; this could then be used as fuel in times of scarcity. Unfortunately, this survival mechanism endures, even though most of us in the developed world no longer need it.

So, when you follow a diet program that restricts your caloric intake, your body responds by shifting into survival mode, preventing you from achieving results. This approach will make your metabolism slow and sluggish; you will burn less fat and, at the same time, store more of it. This also leads to huge amounts of lean muscle tissue being wasted.

2) 98% of fat loss diet plans fail because they leave us feeling hungrier.

Fat loss diet programs that restrict calorie intake will leave you feeling hungrier, with a constantly growling in your stomach and subsequent discomfort. (To add to this, you’ll be preoccupied with nothing but thoughts of food).

Do you really think that you can keep living in that state for long?
I think it’s doubtful! In fact, the hunger pains will stay as long as you are on such fat loss diet programs, and you’ll need to resume eating normally to make them go away. I don’t know anyone who can live under such circumstances permanently, and I think 99% or more of the population can’t either.

How can you expect to lose weight and keep it off when you’re on fat loss diet programs that just don’t work and are impossible to maintain? there is NO way!

3) 98% of fat loss diet programs fail because reasons 1 and 2 work together to make your goal unattainable.

Even after you give up on these low-calorie fat loss diet programs, there’s more in store for you.

This food deprivation has trained your body to burn less fat and to store more of it. Eventually, when you resume your normal diet, you will end up piling on more pounds than before. (I’m sure you’ve heard of “yo-yo dieting”!). ”)

Unfortunately, even the weight you lost, if any, when you were on such fat loss diet programs was mostly that of retained water and lean muscle mass. You might have reduced the number on the scale, but you didn’t actually lose any body fat.

With all these factors involved, it’s no surprise that 98% of fat loss diet programs fail.

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