Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hope eveyone had a great weekend

As the weekend comes to an end, its time for many people to prepare for the week ahead. For me, i like to start everyday by having a good workout at the gym. It seems to set the mood for a great day.

Exercising for me, is like a schedule Mon-Fri but getting up on Monday is the hardest day because that is the day that sets off a good week for me. If i get in a good exercise on Monday than i will have a good rest of the week. Tue-Fri are easy because I'm in a schedule already,I wake up go and exercise.

So if you have a hard time getting up on Monday's also to go exercise or even go to work for that matter, your not alone. Just try to remember it gets easier though out the week.

Hope this gives you a good boost of energy to kick start you week off on the right foot.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Fat Loss

The holidays are coming quick and it is always a hard time to remember to eat healthy and stick to your diet.

I was recently at a event and at this time i remembered how important it is to have a plan with your eating habits as we enter the season of high fat and calorie foods. I always like reading the advise they give you in the health magazines its quite funny what they say sometimes.

Many times the advice just lack's any substance, they do this because the writers of the magazine's don't want to make you think that you really need to change anything at all to succeed. They make it sound like losing excess stomach fat or even keeping your current figure though the holiday season is easy. Like, saying just park at the far end of all the parking lots so you can burn of the big holiday dinner you had there night before.

Anyone that has struggled with their weight "like i have" know's it is not that simple. You need to change something or try different exercises. so here are a few uncommon tactics from the Truth About Six Pack Abs Program to keep off the upcoming holiday season's pounds.

Here is a list of some effective strategies that will help you though the holiday season

Almonds & Green Tea:

Now, the most common thing you here before you go to a party or family gathering is "fill up" first so you won't eat so much junk food. However, most people don't do this therefore eat everything that looks good.

A recent survey of the Turbulence Training customers told me that having 1 ounce of almonds and a cup of green tea has helped them with holiday cravings, more than anything else.

Because the almonds have fiber, they help you to control your appetite. While, the green tea contains a small amount of caffeine witch keeps you alert and energized during the party. Next time you at a party keep this in mind.

Don't waste your time on cardio programs:

Nothing depends more on your success over the holiday season than your diet. You can't go eat 2000 calories at a party and then hit the cardio in the gym the next day and expect to burn it off. that's a 4 hour cardio session that no one want to tackle. It would be better of not to get yourself in that situation in the first place, right?

Here are a few diet and nutrition tips to keep you going

Write down everything that you eat though out the day, find your trouble spots and work on cutting out the foods that don't fit.

Stop drinking high calorie mixed drinks, or at least cut back a little. You can change everything else but if you don't change your drinking habits, you will be running in circles, you will never get any ware

You must focus on portion control, you need self control. If you can't control yourself with the serving spoon than you will be a lost cause.

Only worry about YOU, no one else:

In this day and age it seems like you are always running around trying to please someone. It be, your boss at work your kids at home or trying to knock some this off of that never ending honey do list. This happens everyday weather during the holidays or not. Take a deep breath and ask yourself "am i running around trying to please everyone else" and think if you have set time away for yourself.

It is vary important to put some time away for exercising and good nutrition, BEFORE you do anything for anyone else. You get done what you need to before doing for others, you have personal fitness goals to meet so it is a very important time right now.

Get rolling and stay on a roll:

This holiday exercising tip is a good one. If you get yourself on a good exercising plan than you will be to busy during the holidays to stop and get off track.

Don't wait for January to start off the year with new fitness goals, get started right now. Many men and woman right now are starting there body transformations right though the holidays.

Those men and woman are getting a head start on everyone else because they want it. They want to be in shape and live a healthy lifestyle the rest of there lives. They are not waiting around, there not going to let a few months of holidays get in there way because they know it will be a massive set back to there success.

Whenever you can exercise in short burst:

Just because you are watching what you eat at the holiday parties and family gatherings does not mean you

can't have fun. Dancing is a great exercise and it burns calories like crazy, or run around and play with the kids, that's exercise too.

In all reality here is a great tip so you don't fall off the exercising wagon during the holiday season. Get out of bed 15 minutes early so you time to do the Turbulence Training 12 minute workouts. you will get these exercise as a bonus when you buy the Turbulence Training Program.

Fat Loss Diet

You come across thousands of fat loss diets on the internet. How do you know which fat loss diet is the right one for you? To find the best fat loss diet for you read the following 5 simple tips.

Calorie intake is the first thing that you should look at. How many calories do you consume per day? You can find formulas on the internet that you can use to find out how many calories you should have per day.

You should only lower your calorie intake by only 100-300 calories only. Cutting calories to much should not be a part of a fat loss diet.

Proper nutrition is a must when following a fat loss diet. As part of any fat loss diet, you need to have a specific amount of each of the macro nutrients each day. 45% Carbohydrates, 35% Protein and 20% Fat should be eaten each and every day, spread out throughout the day.

You need to space out your meals evenly throughout the day. You will need to eat more frequently on a fat loss diet than just the regular 3 meals that you are probably used to.

Each day you need to eat every 2-3 hours and spread it out in 5-7 meals. You can cause many negative problems with your body during a fat loss diet if you only eat 1-3 times per day.

A good fat loss plan requires that you drink water every day. To reshape your body and lose weight you must increase your water intake. Not drinking enough water my cause your body to become dehydrated.

There are many side effects of dehydration, and these side effects will be a problem for other steps in your fat loss diet.

Adding exercise is the most important step in your fat loss diet. It is crucial that you start exercising as soon as possible if you are not already exercising. Decreasing your calorie intake alone cannot help you lose weight.

The more lean muscle mass, you have the faster your body burns fat. Lean muscle mass is built through exercise.

A good fat loss plan requires both cardio exercise and weight training. Choosing a correct plan for a fat loss diet incorporates many factors. To reach your goals quicker you should follow all of the steps listed above. These are a great start to a good fat loss diet plan.

Reduce Body Fat

There are many ways to reduce body fat. I will show you 5 simple tips to help you reduce body fat. You need to Plan out your meals and eat frequently to reduce body fat. Keeping your metabolism high helps you to burn more calories more quickly.

You should consume smaller meals every 2-3 hours, broken up into 5-7 meals per day. Your individual needs will determine how many calories each small meal should contain. Every meal should contain a source of lean protein and a source of high fiber to reduce body fat.

Muscle growth requires protein. Carbohydrates help your body keep blood sugar levels and insulin levels stable. Drinking water is pretty straight forward, but most people forget about it. Drink more water! If you are trying to reduce body fat you need to increase the amount of water that you drink per day.

It is possible that a 10-20% decrease in muscle contractions when your body is dehydrated. Your body weight in pounds x 0.6 will give you the fluid ounces of water you should drink per day. To reduce body fat you must include intense interval training. Planning an exercise program to lose weight should include resistance training as well as cardio exercise.

Your metabolism is directly affected by the amount of lean muscle tissue you have on your body. Your body will work like a furnace and burn more calories if you have more lean muscle tissue. The more muscle you have on your body, the more fat you will burn.

Cardio exercise should be included in your program if you want to reduce body fat. People who are trying to reduce fat quickly think that cutting calories should be enough. The body’s survival response stops this from working.

The body’s survival mode slows down your metabolism in order to conserve energy when you cut too many calories at once. To keep your body from going into a starvation mode, you should perform cardio exercise to reduce calories rather than cutting them too much from food. Cut your calories 100-300 and perform cardio exercise to keep your metabolism high.

Reduce body fat by following these 5 tips. Factors besides these listed in the article should be included in your workout plan. For the quickest and best results you should plan everything out carefully.

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Lower Ab Workouts

Lower Ab Workouts are very important and should be included in any workout regimen. Having strong lower abs means you will have better spinal stability, which can reduce the risk of injury. Lower Ab Workouts can be rather difficult to perform, however here are some great lower ab workouts and ways to maximize the strengthening of these muscles:

If you’re feeling pain in your lower back, it means one of two things: either you’re doing the Lower Ab Workouts incorrectly, or your lower abs are not strong enough to do the exercise. Whichever the reason, stop immediately and try a different lower ab workout.

Only your lower ab muscles should be working. Lower Ab Workouts are difficult because they require a lot of concentration and muscles control. You don’t want to be using your back or hip muscles while doing these exercises. The moment you cannot feel your lower abs working or you feel other muscles are doing the exercise for you, stop.

Take your time. Rushing through Lower Ab Workouts are never a good idea. It doesn’t matter how quickly you can get the reps done. It’s more important to be controlled as you do them. When you do these abdominal exercises quickly, you’re decreasing their effectiveness.

Continuing on that note, quality is more important than quantity. Lower Ab Workouts are all about getting the right muscles to do the work, while preventing other muscles from helping you to cheat. Go slow and do controlled reps – it will benefit you more in the long run.

It is more important to build your endurance to perform more reps than it is to move toward a more difficult exercise. Building your endurance is more important than proving your strength. Focus first on performing more quality reps than trying to perform a more difficult exercise.

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe. A lot of people hold their breath as they contract their muscles, but instead work on taking deeper breathes while performing lower abdominal exercise. Exhale when your muscles are tightening and inhale when they are relaxing.

Lower Ab Workouts, as explained in the Turbulence Training For Abs eBook are important because they help your posture and stabilize your body. Training them is a great way to add strength to your entire body. Not only will you have great abs to show off, but you’ll also have a great overall body to strut around too.

Following these Lower Ab Workouts can help make any workout you gear toward your lower abdominals to be beneficial and do the work they are meant to do.